Statement leather chair with piano in room

5 of the best statement chairs of all time

In my opinion, no home is complete without a statement chair. This is your chance to add colour, style, and a touch of flair. If you are lucky, you can get a valuable item that has been handed down from generation to generation. If not, check out vintage markets, online auction sites and even charity shops, which are all great places to look. These are, in my opinion, 5 of the best statement chairs to look out for!

ChooseWell Hand Wash Review

ChooseWell hand wash is made from naturally derived and vegan friendly ingredients and ChooseWell's mission is to help the world transition to a more sustainable future. I talked recently about making sustainable swaps in my life in an effort to be better for the environment. To choose products that were not full of chemicals or shrouded … Continue reading ChooseWell Hand Wash Review

Sustainable Swaps_Plastic Straws No More

My Sustainable Swaps

A recent Monday evening natter with my girlfriends got us on the topic of sustainable swaps and what we can do to be more environmentally friendly in our everyday life. Cue a sustainable swap shopping spree by me!It all started with the bag for life - but there's so much more we can do! Why … Continue reading My Sustainable Swaps

Smellacloud Nimbus 2.0 essential oil diffuser

Smellacloud Nimbus 2.0 diffuser and essential oil review

Smellacloud diffusers allow you to introduce aromatherapy into your home with its stylish selection of diffusers and wide collection of enticing essential oils. I was gifted a Smellacloud Nimbus 2.0 for this review along with two essential oils. I chose Cinnamon and Pine Tree scents and give my thoughts on those too. Smellacloud Co-founders of … Continue reading Smellacloud Nimbus 2.0 diffuser and essential oil review

Benefits of the Staycation

There are many benefits to the Staycation. Going on holiday doesn't mean having to travel abroad, there are many benefits to holidaying in the UK.

2020 Bucket List

I'm aiming to see more, explore more and experience more. From camper van trips to the Lake District to learning a new skill here's my 2020 bucket list.

Christmas presents

To Regift or not regift?

The Do's and Don'ts of regifting. When is it OK to regift something you have been given. Is it OK to regift? Explore the right and wrong of regifting.

To those Unfinished Reads…

Why it's ok to put down a book, this post goes out to those of you with unfinished reads. The ones you didn't enjoy or weren't in the mood to read.

Upcycled drinks cabinet

An upcycled drinks cabinet. My DIY project using a thrifted ebay drinks cabinet, chalk paint and snazzy wallpaper - now for the next project!

Canoe the River Wye

Blog Goals Update

A look into the progress I've made with Life can be Toff since the last time I posted a blog goals update post. Includes social media progress too!

Keeping warm this winter!

As summer turns to autumn and then winter, I like to make sure I’m prepared to keep warm without flicking the central heating on. With soaring energy prices, I’m even more aware of keeping costs low but still keep warm without turning the heating on. I have oil fired central heating and oil is not … Continue reading Keeping warm this winter!

Read the year 2018

It's New Year's Eve and everyone is taking a look back at 2018 and what they'd like to achieve in 2019. I'm looking at my Read the Year challenge. Personally, 2018 was a mixed year for me, the year started off with me facing homelessness, but at the last minute I managed to secure my … Continue reading Read the year 2018

In love with: Books

My name is Kim and I'm a book addict. For years I obsessed about shoes, the desire to own the most exquisite pair of Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutin's. At one point in my twenties, I think I owned about 120 pairs of shoes and every spare penny would be spent on a new pair … Continue reading In love with: Books

I need to digital detox!

It's time to digital detox! Over the last couple of weeks I have monitored my phone usage using the iPhone app "Moment" (try Offtimes for Android) which gave me some alarming results! I had not realised the sheer amount I used my phone, or how much I picked it up to check it, but these … Continue reading I need to digital detox!

Picnic Favourites: Mini Crustless Quiche with asparagus, courgette and pesto

These miniature crustless asparagus, courgette and pesto quiches were an absolute hit when I made them for my mum's birthday picnic back in May. Using seasonal asparagus and courgette, they are a winner in the picnic hamper - and so easy to make! Pin me for later! You could swap out the asparagus and courgette … Continue reading Picnic Favourites: Mini Crustless Quiche with asparagus, courgette and pesto

Spring Motivation

Last August, I set out My Blogger Goals and quickly surpassed that and provided an update, ahead of time, in September in Blog Goals update. 8 months on, and as we have entered spring - the season of newness and growth, I wanted to provide another update as well as set out some personal goals … Continue reading Spring Motivation

Cotswolds sunrise

I’m currently…

Back in November last year, I started "I'm Currently..." which is a look into what I'm currently reading, listening to or watching, amongst other things. A few months and a house move later, I thought it would be a good time to update! I’m currently watching Since moving I've done a lot of cost saving … Continue reading I’m currently…

Moving on

Going from furnished to unfurnished property on a limited budget and my hunt for unique pieces of furniture!

Aims for 2018

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! It's New Year's Eve, I'm sat on the sofa with my new "Funday" jumper on, watching American Made and thinking that I should probably do a blog post as I've not done one since the beginning of December. I don't make resolutions and haven't done for a fair few years. Whenever … Continue reading Aims for 2018

An Interview with: Jonathan Bradley, author of Papiliones

Following the launch on Saturday 2 December of Papiliones by Jonathan Bradley, I chatted to the author asking him about his inspirations for the poetry book. Interview with...Jonathan Bradley author of Papiliones 1. Please tell us about Papiliones. Papiliones is a collection of thirty-three of my poems, and one guest poem by a poet friend, … Continue reading An Interview with: Jonathan Bradley, author of Papiliones

I’m currently…

Outside of work and chores at home, I like to take time out to enjoy reading or watching TV. Inspired by this post I read recently by The Perpetual Page-Turner I thought I'd start my own "I'm currently..." post, as they seem to be something quite popular within the blog world! I'm currently watching The … Continue reading I’m currently…

Birthday Outings

It's been just over a week since I became yet another year closer to 40. Yet I didn't let that little factor ruin my day! Things have been quite busy since, so I've not had the chance until now to share with you what we got up to for my birthday, but it was such … Continue reading Birthday Outings

Blog Goals – Update

There are some exciting things happening for Life can be Toff lately that I couldn't wait until the end of September to provide an update on my Blog Goals post from the beginning of August. I'm also in discussions with a fabulous graphic design company, Mogwai Media, for a new logo. Dave and Sam are … Continue reading Blog Goals – Update

My Bucket List

My Bucket List is made up of mostly daredevil style activities that I want to do. One day, I'll get to do one or all of them, there is plenty of time to work my way through the list, and I'm sure that I'll add to the list as time goes by and as more … Continue reading My Bucket List

My Blogger Goals

On 11 October Life can be Toff will be 1 year old. Woohoo! I need to plan some sort of first birthday celebration! Not forgetting I'm heading into mid 30's territory in September myself! After a relatively shaky start, between struggling to find the time to blog and coming up with content I felt was … Continue reading My Blogger Goals

My bric-a-brac obsession!

I confess, I'm a shopaholic. I love shoes, handbags, clothes, food - pretty much everything.  More recently though, I've become obsessed with knic-knacks, antiques and bric-a-brac. I'm not sure if it stems from my need to Instagram pretty pictures, the fact that my home and work life is surrounded by houses full of pretty antiquities … Continue reading My bric-a-brac obsession!