Layer necklaces like a pro!

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A trend I’ve really wanted to engage with recently is jewellery layering and stacking. However, I’ve wondered how I can incorporate meaningful pieces I own into these trends. Here, I take a look at how we can layer necklaces like a pro and include the timeless pieces I love!

I’m not a big jewellery wearer, but I do love the current trends of layering necklaces and ring stacking. They add a real finishing piece to an outfit. If like me, you have a piece of jewellery that was gifted to you and holds sentimental value, you might not think you can incorporate it into layering trends.

Picking pieces of jewellery that are timeless will see you through many years and fashions. What is great about layering is you can really play with styles and textures.

How to layer necklaces


Layer necklaces can be a bit of an art. This is why a base piece will help you to build up on that. Think a chunkier piece. Ideally, you want this to be your shortest piece. But perhaps not necessarily the first one you put on. Weighting down lighter necklaces with your chunky base piece might help with tangling.

For my stack, I have the Daisy Jewellery Estee Lalonde open box chain necklace in sterling silver. (This was a gifted piece). This chunky chain sits at the perfect length and adds a statement base for my layered jewellery.


Adding texture helps create balance. Mixing between chunkier chains and daintier ones will really help build your layers to create a combined statement.

Add your sentimental piece

My sentimental piece is my sapphire and silver heart necklace that my boyfriend bought me for my birthday the first year we were together. The sapphire is my birthstone and it was a gorgeous piece from Annie Haak. Of which I have several of her bracelets too – another stacking must have!

It works really well with the other pieces I stack it with. But of course, never comes off either so works perfectly on its own too.

Pick a focal piece

Your sentimental piece may just be your focal piece. For me, however, I add a second longer focal item to my layering. The Estee Lalonde Rising Sun charm necklace (gifted item) is the longest piece in my stack.

My focal pieces stand out against the base chains, creating a curated look.

Vary lengths

If this hasn’t become obvious amongst the other tips, it can be the most commonly forgotten element in layer necklaces.

Several pieces of the same length, no matter their thickness, will just create one chunky looking chain. Staggering lengths, not necessarily equi-distant, will just create a natural flow. And hopefully avoid any tangling!

Mixing Metals

OK – I don’t know if it is just me, but ever since I was a little girl I’ve recalled my nan telling me it was bad luck to mix gold and silver on the same side. So, I’ve always avoided mixing metals – for example I’ll wear gold rings on one hand but silver bracelets on the other.

However, if I was to say “It’s Saturday, let’s get dressed” then you’ll undoubtedly be aware of Sammi Jefcoate. Her incredibly envy worth wardrobe and style often includes mixed metals and jewellery layering and stacking.

So, can you mix metals? Yes! Be bold! Just remember the other tips to curate an envy-worthy jewellery statement of your own! This is great news as I have another birthday necklace that I’ve not yet mixed in with my layer necklaces!

Stick to odd numbers

I don’t know why this works better but it just does. Three necklaces look finished, two doesn’t quite look done.

Avoid overkill. If you think your look is finished, maybe remove the last piece you added. You want your layering to look effortless, not overdone. It makes me think of that scene in Working Girl where Tess is told to “rethink the jewellery” as she jingles and jangles her way through her meeting with Katherine.

There you have it, my guide on how to layer necklaces!

Choosing the pieces to create your layers will give you endless possibilities. From smaller chains, chunky pieces to that real statement pendant. Whatever it is, you can work with and create a timeless collection of interchangeable options, whilst also including those all-important sentimental pieces.

Peace out!

Jangles x

This post contains gifted items. All reviews, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Issy Joslin says:

    I love layered necklaces, its one of those thinks that looks effortless on others, yet when I’ve tried ends up a jumbled mess! Great tips I’m going to use these to try again

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