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Blog Goals Update

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I’ve been meaning to piece this blog goals update for a while and haven’t quite mustered up the energy. The last one I did was in Spring 2018 so well over a year ago.

With the end of summer looming and another season of change, why not provide an update with how Life can be Toff and my social media has progressed!

Life can be Toff!

There have been big changes since my last update!

I promised myself that I would go self hosted and thanks to the great people at Lyrical Host that dream became a reality.

Moving my WordPress free site to them was an absolute doddle, I purchased my domain through them and their WordPress hosting and migration package and a couple of weeks later Jenni and Joseph migrated my entire site over to my newly hosted domain.

Whilst my site may not look completely different to the free one I had, I have been able to categorise my posts to make the website more user friendly and easier for my readers to navigate to different posts and subject categories.

Other benefits of Lyrical Host is the monthly resources and images that you have access to and the, what appears to be, 24/7 support, they are absolutely blog and small business friendly!

The guys really are great and with the added bonus of a Lyrical Host blogging and business support group on Facebook, where I usually end up spending a lot of my time gaining from others experience or sharing my own.

This change to self-hosting has meant I have been able to firm Life can be Toff as a serious business prospect to brands. My DA (Domain Authority) is 11, built up over the past year and that is with very little effort on my part!

I talked about DA in my Spring Motivation post.

I’m also able to better manage my Google Analytics and site stats which I can be a bit geeky about!

Overall, between Lyrical Host and Mogwai Media who designed my logo, I’m ecstatic with how Life can be Toff looks. It is ongoing, but I’m happy!

Please do take a look around and see for yourself!

Small Business Focus Series

Last year I launched the Small Business Focus series of interviews with inspiring small businesses.

I love being able to find out more about small business owners who I draw inspiration from or have an appreciation of their product.

Being able to promote their business to my audience and give them the opportunity to tell their story means a lot to me.

There have been a couple of episodes that have sadly fallen through but I continue to reach out to businesses asking them to take part.

Ideally, I’d love to fill a monthly slot with interviews.

I can’t thank the businesses that have taken part enough for their support and time. Especially Spotlight Stationery who continually plug their interview via their Twitter channel!


I have finally passed the 100 followers point on Facebook with a staggering 134.

Facebook continues to be one of the best sources for my traffic to the website as I constantly share my latest blog posts through a variety of different groups.

I have very recently trialled PPC advertising (paid per click) with my last post for Afternoon Tea at No Man’s Fort.

Three days in this has generated over 40 visits to the site.

Which for just over £2 has been worth it in my mind.

I anticipate doing further PPC advertising, particularly if I am working with brands.


Twitter continues to be my fastest growing platform, I’m now at almost 1400 followers.

I get little in the way of traffic to the website from it, but what I do get is engagement.

The various “hour” sessions such as Wiltshire or Glos Hour are all great ways for me to build a following and spread my work and I continue to engage in them.

I find myself completely different on Twitter, I am unafraid to pop the odd swear word (oops!) and generally be more myself on it.


Instagram, Instagram, Instagram…

With the constant algorithm battle Instagram growth is stagnent for me. I have hovered around the 900 mark for the last 6 months and it is only in the last month that I have topped 970.

Engagement is good thanks to a supportive following of fellow bloggers, but likes and insights aren’t massive, particularly for the grid. I am getting much more views through stories.

Which I think is the same for a lot of folk.

However, I continue to love posting on Instagram, I adore sharing my photography and life in general so will continue to post on Insta whether it gets seen or not.

Obviously as a stats fiend, I do want to see more likes but hey ho, what can you do!


Pinterest is my second biggest platform for traffic to the site.

I make very little effort but one post in particular gets at least 5-10 visits from Pinterest each day.

Weirdly enough, it’s a soup recipe!

A weekend spent creating pinnable images and updating existing blog posts and shared via Pinterest has paid off. I continue to create pin images for each post in the hope that others will share it too.

Blog goals update for Life can be Toff
Pin my blog goals update for later!

I have also started to pin more from other blogs, sharing the great work that my fellow bloggers are doing!

This method means an average of 25k unique monthly views with 1000 users a month engaging with my pins. With more effort, this can only improve!

Brand Collaborations and Press Trips

The last few months has been a bit quieter on the press trip and brand collaborations front.

Last year was great for me with my best moment being contacted by Rydale Clothing to work with them on a gifted basis for one of their products.

Rydale Helmsley Tweed Coat gifted for review
Rocking my Rydale Helmsley Tweed coat, gifted for a collaboration with Rydale Clothing

I also enjoyed trips to National Trust properties, a pasta making workshop and I wrote an article for Dick Lovett a luxury car dealership in the area.

I’d love to work with more brands with a heavier emphasis on travel, day’s out and country wear!

Moving forward!

I’d recently lost my blogging mojo, with lots going on at home and work I had felt too exhausted to do anything with the blog.

But, writing this blog goals update and seeing how much has changed since my last blog goals update I am inspired again! I’m going to spend some time reaching out to brands for collaborations and think more about what inspiring posts I can share.

Thank you to you my regular readers and those of you that are new, I hope that you spend some time looking around the site – it will only inspire me further!

Peace out!

Jangles x

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